Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kill / Death Ratios

lets use Call of Duty for an example .
You see someone on the top of the charts every match you battle in  (even if its you)
Lets be honest here... Do you really look at the name in the 1st place position? No you don't... You just picture your gamertag  up there, And what you want is the glory to be on top of the charts even if it takes hours upon hours of work...
Alright.... Alright.... You made it. Congratulations you are in first place! If someone does happen to glance upon your gamertag name. They might just say, "Hey, he's pretty good." But whats really on HIS mind is getting what you achieved completely forgetting your name and what you did.

I myself have played these games. I have won, I have lost. But come to the realization that it does not matter who is ontop.


  1. yeah but it sucks to be on bottom :(

    also, if you are on bottom i tend to notice names more, and when someone is on top by a bit i do take a look at the name

  2. I wish I was any good at these kinda games... I suck at FPS.